Monday, September 29, 2008

Kinda Black Monday

Everyone can agree that the market news is certainly dismal and it got me to thinking about what we consider necessary to our lives. I look around my campus and almost every girl has a designer bag-guys and girls are decked out in logos head to foot and of course a cell phone is stuck to every ear. When did these become necessities? I remember my god mother telling me that it wasn't what you wore, but how you conducted yourself that was important. I find that people seem to be more interested in the veneer and not the substance of a person. Students are swamped with offers for easy credit and often find it hard to resist the lure of instant gratification. Maybe we should all read How Luxury Lost Its Luster.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

I'm It and Now I am Tagging You

My swap partner for the fall swap has tagged me. The rules are link to the person who tagged you-list 7 weird and or random facts about yourself-tag 7 others with links to their posts-finally be sure to leave them a comment that you have tagged them.
Weird/random things:
1. I majored in art history, but am now an accountant (I hated math in school-go figure).
2. I seem to do things in pairs. When I broke my ankle, I sprained the other ankle getting an x-ray.
3. I had two fender benders in less than two hours, with two different cars.
4. I got up in front of my 6th grade class and played the piano, even though I never had a lesson.
5. I dream in full color.
6. I still love to play in water-who says being an adult means you can't have fun.
7. I like to sing in my office-I have my own office so no one else has to suffer. One day when singing during lunch one of the secretarys stopped by to find out why I was crying. I quess I'll never be on Broadway.

I tag: Beaufort Look Out, Mad About Plaid, Kimba who loves the Cape, I really appreciate the writter of No Dieting, I feel for my next tag-the Dawgs didn't pull through for Preppy Pink Crocodile, hope all is well for Megan in Maine and finally we all love labs

Friday, September 26, 2008

The Great Link Test

Here goes the test: One of my favorite stores is the Christmas Tree Shops. You never know what you'll find, of course my husband insists that I don't need any of the goodies that I bring home, of course he is so wrong. If you are in New England, New York, or New Jersey make this a destination for inexpensive seasonal decorations, fun and frivolous household knick knacks, and a treasure trove of frames.

Do I Ever Need Help

I need someone to give me a tutorial on how one links a web site listed in their post to the acutal web site. This is truly shows me to be technologically challenged, but willing to learn.

Rainy Days

Here first post and what a day. Rainy and dreary, but it is Friday afterall. Looking forward to next week when I'll be at the annual Holiday Spree Boutique at the Shenorock Shore Club in Rye. If any of you are in the area be sure to attend. Pam Scott who organizes this each year brings in the best vendors. While I am not a fan of fall, I sure do love the holiday fairs that take place from October to December. I always seem to be able to find something that is a "must have".