Monday, October 20, 2008

Fall in Fairfield

This Saturday I enjoyed a lesiurely drive to Fairfield County Connecticut. My mission-the Bridgewater Land Trust Fall House Tour. Bridgewater is tucked away from the hubbub of suburban life-a dry town loaded with charm and only one store. As I was driving home, I started thinking about being in New England. Somehow I think of this as my spiritual home-I am a New Englander at heart, if not in location. But here is the crux; why isn't New York part of New England. As you can see on the map, NY's entire eastern border is adjacent to Vermont, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. What's up with calling us a Mid Atlantic state. Hey I have nothing against those states-but New England is loaded with charm. Maybe the cartographer who drew the original maps was having a bad day and decided NY was going to the mid-Atlantic. If I am going to be a Yankee at least make me a New England one.See my argument-if we were New Englanders we could have quaint towns with village greens, steepled white churches, stone walls and great foliage.

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