Thursday, October 23, 2008

Library laments

I have converted an unused bedroom into a library. The walls are a rich red, the book cabinets white, white crown moulding, hay colored sofa and many books. I am stumped. I definately need a rug and was considering this one from is it too wild?

Then come the concern over the coffee table and occassional tables. Any opinions of both of these in black.

I really like the bar table in white, but would have to get it in black. The tables are from a great website-

The one thing I have decided on is this Lee Jofa fabric:


Anonymous said...

Love the fabric and the tables. Can't endorse the rug... but that is just a personal preference thing. It would work nicely in the room.

The Cape House said...

Sounds lovely. Libraries add such a classic touch to homes. Thank you for the sweet comment.

Petunia said...

The rug is not too wild at all! It is actually a very neutral rug. The border spices it up and adds interest! It would be very nice with the black coffee and end tables.

News Readin' Wife said...

I personally think animal prints are very versatile and keep things from becoming fussy. Rug is fab.

Love the tray table - even in black.